Caribbean Biz , New York and USA can market your business, services, or products through podcasts , live audio and video programming.

Radio, Podcasts & News

                                              •    -    Mon & Thurs  8.00p-2.00am, Sat  9.00a - 1.00pm


Customized Webcast

We could also promote your business, service, or product through a customized webcast. If you’d like to learn more, do not hesitate to get in touch with us

Web broadcasting



Special Outside B/cast -

(As requested)

* WIRiTV Interviews- 

-BPWCCUL- Credit Union-Barbados

*USA -Caribbean Radio

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* Ignition Entertainment- 

Facebook production -  

(Join 'Soca Snypa Rebelz' -via request)

* Community Newpapers-

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Daily  Internet Radio

* Caribbean Pepperpot -

Mon- Mon 24/7 & (24x7))

Mon & Thurs 8p-2a, Sat 9a-1p

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