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January 10, 2019

USA. Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CACCI), Brooklyn, NY.

This note is to confirm that I have known Mr Michael A W Callender for the past 26 years, during which time he has shown that his businesslike attitude and professionalism is superb. The respectful qualities he possess as an individual and business entrepreneur is dynamic.

I am hereby introducing him as a person who could be an asset to your business. Many thanks.

Dr Roy Hastick, Founder & President, CACCI

The Mashramani Carnival Committee of The Republic of Guyana

August  2016

SMAC Productions and it’s Network Media team has been promoting ‘Mash’ for

fifteen years. We consolidate groups (every other year) from the New York and Tri-State area and explore the Guyanese capital to celebrate the carnival activities.

 From Mashramani Carnival in the Republic of Guyana


August 17, 2016

From The Barbados Consulate in New York and the Barbados Government

To: Michael A W Callender

Culture, Tourism Journalist

GOVERNMENT AWARDS- Barbados 50th Anniversary of Independence Awards Pride and Industry - 

Arts: Radio Journalism

The Consul General at New York, with the endorsement of the Barbados’ 50th Anniversary of Independence Celebrations Awards Committee, deemed that ‘Michael A W Callender' of SMAC Productions is the epitome of what the forefathers envisioned of Barbadians, as revealed in the words of their National Anthem- a) ‘We write our names on history’s page with expectations great’-and b) the Pledge ‘’And by my living to do credit to my nation wherever I go’’


Official documents were received from the Hon Dr Donna E Hunte-Cox, ‘Consul General of Barbados in New York

From : Dean Dr Robert W Taylor

March 11, 2015

To: Michael A W Callender

I am thanking you for the stellar job you did in introducing 'Florida A & M University' to the Barbados Agricultural Society, during the production and promotion of Agrofest 2015. Staying with us holding our hands and being there whenever we needed your assistance and support was graciously appreciated.

You are an excellent marketing agent, and we look forward to continually working with you in the future as we develop relationships and partnerships in your native land of Barbados. Honestly, I have traveled the world extensively, but very few places has given me the warm and loving feeling I experienced while being on the Island.

 Dr Robert W Taylor, Dean & Director of Land Grant Programs

Florida A & M University/FAM, Tallahassee, FL

College of Agriculture & Food Sciences/CAPS

From Benda Hood, M.D./Special Tourism Investment Inc.


October 20, 2009

It is my great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Mr. Michael A. W. Callender.

Mr. Callender and I have had a professional relationship for the past eight years when I held the position of Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation of Grenada. He is a vibrant and highly motivated individual. I am confident that he will be able to provide knowledge and expertise to your organization, which will enhance your company’s ability in its delivery of services.

As the CEO of SMAC Productions, Mr. Callender has displayed a level of performance in the Print and Electronic Media in a very exceptional manner. He is highly motivated and has acquired many years of Marketing and Public Relations strategies in the USA and the Caribbean.

His sound judgment, reliability, trust worthiness and analytical ability will certainly be an asset for any organization that Mr. Callender is affiliated with.

For these reasons I recommend him highly to your organization.


Brenda Hood (Mrs)

Managing Director

SPEC Tourism Investment Inc

Contact Grenada

Sept 01, 2014 - Mrs Brenda Hood is now a Government M.P. Hon Minister of Culture

Courtesy of Rent-A-Car


July 17, 2014 

I have been working with Mr. Michael A W Callender of SMAC Productions, New York, for twelve years, promoting our car rental business, through his community bases, local & Internet radio and print media.

Mr. Callender's efforts have assisted our company in obtaining increased exposure, resulting in increased business.

Mr. Callender's professional approach to marketing is refreshing and effective, and I have no hesitation in recommending his services to any prospective person or business.

 Ian F. Proverbs, Sales & Marketing Manager

From the Barbados Tourism Marketing Incorporated/BTMI.

June 17, 2013

During the past 14 years, the Barbados Tourism Authority has had a very rewarding and positive working relationship with Mr. Michael A W Callender, CEO, of SMAC Productions, Webb Internet Radio and his Media Network.

Mr.Callender's concept of Internet radio and Web Advertising continues to provide us with the medium to innovatively and creatively provide added promotional value to our niche marketing events i.e. Crop Over-Carnival, Jazz and our destination. We are very satisfied with the returns on our investment in this type of advertising and promotion.

The services provided are most impressive and due to this we can recommend SMAC Productions and their Network for Internet marketing, advertising and they related services.

Urban G Cumberbatch, President (AG)

From Barbados Agricultural Society (BAS)


March 17, 2013

The Barbados Agricultural Society (BAS) has had a very fulfilling and positive working relationship with Mr. Michael Callender, CEO, of SMAC Productions, Webb Internet Radio and his Media Network. The BAS is responsible for producing the National Agricultural Exhibition, more popularly known as Agrofest. With the support and marketing skills of Mr. Callender and SMAC Productions, we were able to promote the exhibition in new markets and provide additional avenues to highlight aspects of the exhibition and the local agriculture sector.

SMAC provides an impressive and professional range of services & we would strongly recommend that companies take advantage of these marketing services to reach their clientele.

Thedore Fraser, Coordinator

Agrofest, C/O Barbados Agricultural Society, Ministry of Agriculture.

Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Dev.

January  07, 2019

SMAC Productions and it’s Network Media team has been promoting ‘T&T carnival for

Twenty-one years. We consolidate groups (every other year) from the New York and Tri-State area and explore T&T’s capital to celebrate the carnival activities.

From Trinidad & Tobago Carnival

From Carnival Development Corporation

St Vincent & Grenadines

June 01, 2011

Mr. Michael A W Callender and his team from SMAC Productions have been working with us, during our Carnival promotions from 2002.

Their experience and services resulted in tremendous exposure for our Carnival, which was highly rewarding. Services rendered yearly have enabled us to reach a greater global audience.

These communication links are exceptional and most commendable.

Dennis Ambrose, Chairman

From Rainbow Reef Beach Hotel


April 07, 2011

I have worked with Mr Michael A W Callender of SMAC Productions for approximately seven years. During this time, Mr Callender has been responsible for promoting the Barbados' #1 festival, i.e. Crop Over, through daily broadcast on local & Web radio services.

As a sponsor of his various events, live and otherwise, Rainbow Reef Beach Hotel has benefited significantly from the exposure generated through this unique medium, as thousands of Internet users listened.

Mr Callender is a highly motivated individual who remains committed and focused to his project (s) until its successful completion, and to this I would highly recommend him and his marketing company.

Corleta Worrell, Manager

From Atlantis HealthCare Group – Barbados Limited

Island Dialysis


June 12, 2010

I met Michael A Callender of SMAC Productions three years ago where we began a very rewarding relationship.

I have found Mike to be a very honest, professional and hardworking individual and through his local and web advertising our company has gained much needed exposure

His marketing skills are innovative and up to par with today’s fast changing technology.

We would recommend SMAC Productions for radio, internet and Mas-Media advertising and any other service they may offer.

Pamela Alleyne – Assistant Vice President,


From The Grenada Board of Tourism

September 15, 2008 

Government Special Award for 'Michael A Callender' on Mon Sept 15, 2008

'' In Appreciation of your Vision & Support ''

Presented by - Hon. Glynis Roberts, Minister for Social Development, Social Security, Ecclesiastical Affairs &

Labor, on behalf of Mr Peter David, Minister of Tourism & Foreign Affairs

From Roy’s Inn Hotel

St Vincent & Grenadines

July 11, 2011

Roy's Inn Hotel is very pleased with the relationship of the seven year business services of Mr. Michael A Callender of SMAC Productions and his Network team.

His method of advertising with Internet Radio and related services is very creative and exciting, and most beneficial to our business.

Mr. Callender is a very knowledgeable professional and this attitude reflects in his approach to marketing in general.

There is no hesitation whatsoever in recommending SMAC Productions and his Network as an advertising vehicle for any business.

Leroy Lewis / General Manager

From Bay Gardens Hotel

St. Lucia

Dear Sir or Madam:

Mach 06, 2005

It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Michael Callender of SMAC Productions & Caribbean Internet Network, New York, who has been, through local & Internet radio, promoting our marketing efforts at Bay Gardens Hotel and consequently, encouraging increased hotel bookings.

Over the years, Mr. Callender has been successful in promoting several organizations, and I am pleased to join those satisfied business owners in recommending his services to any prospective client.

From World Creole Music Festival Committee (WCMFC)

Commonwealth of Dominica 

October 17, 2000

It is with pleasure to indicate that I have been working with Michael A Callender of SMAC Productions and his Media Network team during the past two years. In pursuit of the expansion of our Creole Festival, the services of SMAC Productions surely was extremely helpful, and as a Dominican, I am very satisfied and happy.

The Internet radio services and expansion of the Technology provided by the SMAC team was enlightening and most beneficial to the development of our festival.

I am surely looking forward to working with SMAC Productions throughout the years ahead.

Edmond Toulon, Festivals Director

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