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Friday July 24, 2020

By Caribbean Journal Staff

Barbados has a new Minister of Tourism, following a cabinet reshuffle by Prime Minister Mia Mottley.

Senator Lisa Cummins is the country’s new Tourism Minister, succeeding former Tourism Minister Kerrie Symmonds, who is now the country’s Minister of Energy.

“This is an interesting and perhaps the most challenging time to take up the portfolio of tourism, but it is perhaps also the most exciting time to be able to do that,” Cummins said.

When the challenges are before you, that is the most interesting time and the most creative time to cover any issue and certainly to cover any sector,” she said. “So I’m looking forward to taking up the challenge of tourism.

With global tourism “pretty much ground to a halt,” she said, the Ministry will take “the opportunity to retool, retrain, refashion, up-skill, and reposition.”

“We will strategize; create new tactical approaches, so that by the time international travel, gets rolling, again, we’re hoping that Barbados will emerge in a space that we could not have anticipated as a result of a challenging time that forces us to be at our most innovative,” she said.

Barbados officially reopened its borders for tourism on July 12.

— CJ

WHY We Gatherin in Barbados

We Gatherin’ Barbados… celebrate who we are! This is Vision 2020: The Prime Minister’s vision for An all-inclusive Bajan homecoming! She gave a call to action at our Independence Day Parade last year, for all Barbadians….those at home and those anywhere in the world …… Bajans by birth, Bajans by descent, Bajans by choice… and those who love Barbados…… to join heads, hands and hearts to help “build the best Barbados…. together”. This will be a catalyst for national transformation.

So let’s get ready! 2020 is the year We Gatherin’ Barbados! – its a year-long campaign when we as Barbadians…. recommit to the core Barbadian values that define who we are as a proud, caring and industrious people with an outstanding tradition of excellence across every nook and cranny of Barbados.

We Gatherin’ will focus on rebuilding that spirit of community at the core of our traditional Barbadian way of life. It will provide opportunities for all Barbadians to celebrate, participate and invest in events and projects across the entire island.

Our future is now, and this vision gleams brightly for 2020. Together we will use the valuable tools and lessons of the past so magically reflected almost every week in our articulate centenarians. We will embrace the positive exuberance of our innovative youth to ensure our digital competence will serve us well beyond today and into many tomorrows. Who we are as a nation is firmly rooted in the memory of what we have overcome and what we can achieve together, hand in hand, parish by parish

* Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc/ BTMI





Barbados is the easternmost Caribbean island located at 13˚ North; 59˚ West. It is 430 km2 and is divided into 11 parishes.


POLICE – 211


FIRE – 311




English, although the Bajan dialect can be heard all around the island.


Many Bajans whom I asked over the past few days cannot tell me why the nickname for Barbados is “Bim“. A quick search around the Internet indicates that it’s a left over from the long connection with England, where Barbados was named “Bimshire” or Bim for short


4 hours behind GMT in the winter and 5 hours in the summer. 1 hour ahead of US Eastern Standard Time (EST) in the winter and the same during US Daylight Saving Time.


Barbados is recognized as having the most modern medical facilities in the Eastern Caribbean. Medical services are provided by the two major hospitals: The Queen Elizabeth and Bayview and several well equipped clinics, health centres and nursing homes. In addition, FMH Emergency Medical Clinic and Sandy Crest are private accident and emergency medical centres


Democratic. The House of Assembly, modelled on the British system, is the third-oldest legislative body in the Western Hemisphere.


The current population of Barbados is 285,493 ( 2017, based on the latest United Nations estimates)


The Barbados dollar is tied to the US dollar at a fixed rate of US$1.00 = BDS$1.98. The approximate rate of exchange for:

Great Britain: £1.00 = BDD $2.49

Canada: CAD$1.00 = BDD $1.52

European Union: € 1.00 = BDD $2.12

Eastern Caribbean: XCD $1:00 = BDD $0.75

US currency is readily accepted everywhere on the island, while most hotels, restaurants and large stores accept most major credit cards as well.


115/230 volts 50 cycle. Many hotels provide converters for European or Asian appliances. North American appliances will not need converters.


The water service in Barbados is reliable and the water supply is safe and refreshing to drink straight from the tap.


Outfit yourself for the warm tropical climate: shorts, T-shirts, wraps and sundresses would be your best bet for daytime wear, and “elegantly casual’ wear for evenings. Bear in mind that swimwear should be kept for the beach and suitable attire should be worn when going shopping or dining out.


Barbados has a modern telecommunications infrastructure with the latest in digital technology and fibre optics systems. The International direct distance dialing code for Barbados is (1-246), followed by a seven digit local number.


17.5% VAT (Value Added Tax) is included in all prices in shops, supermarkets and restaurants. In hotels, a 10% service charge will be added to your bill. Many restaurants automatically add a 10% service charge to your bill, so you would be wise to check before tipping additionally.

Usually 10% – 15% is acceptable when tipping

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